Sexual Health & Education


A great way to enhance your sexual health: have a look at our similarities and differences in real photos that haven’t been airbrushed…

Beautiful Cervix Project
Images and info about the cervix. Opportunities to contribute photos of your own…

Pussy Pride Project
Write or photograph your pussy (cunt, vulva, lady garden…) and contribute to Molly’s ongoing project…
Designer Vagina Song on Mollys Pussy Pride page. I first encountered this song thanks to my darling daughter who played it for me as a sign of support when I started getting into this blog. Very cool…

This link has the words:

Large Labia Project

Large Labia Project blog
Self submitting pictures

Genderless Nipples
Nipples, nipples, nipples, all colours, all sizes, all genders… Add your own and support this anti-discriminatory campaign on Instagram.

Dodson & Ross videos and advice wonderful stuff!

Beautiful Agony -The Little Death

The wonderful Joan Price talking about Safer Sex for Seniors. Used with permission.


The Sex Goddess Project – Ricardo Scipio


Mapping my bits
This consists of two components; the first is a fairly detailed description of my changing body, especially the genital area. My purposes in providing this summary of bodily changes are several. Firstly, to highlight matters which are not talked about as much as they should be, secondly to emphasize the need for care and attention to our genitals as we age, thirdly to provide a basis for comparison when considering toy reviews and fourthly to consider the value of pelvic floor exercises and devices. Some I’ve tried (the forthcoming second component) some are on my wish list…

Kegels Exercisers Reviews (Mine & Other Peoples)