Clitoral Stimulators, Vibrators, Thrusters, Rabbits, G-Spotters

Worth a Look!

Clitoral Stimulators

Womanizer Pro 40 !!!! My first clitstim, and go-to grrl especially in combination with one of the big vibes and/or an anal vibe. I’ve never achieved the almost instant orgasm seen in reviews using this toy, and only once by itself. See post two for more comments.

Womanizer plus !!!+ Similar to the Pro, but bigger and clunkier in design. The buttons are in different spots to the Pro which is confusing. For some reason I just prefer the pro.

Satisfier Pro Penguin !!!+ Doesn’t do it for me as much as the Womaniser, the rim is a different shape, but it’s an interesting variation. If, heaven forbid, my Pro dies I will cope, albeit reluctantly with the SPP in the meantime…

Lelo Ora 2 !! Still not sure about this, I struggle to get it positioned well, and it’s sometimes a bit fierce on my clit. I need to revisit it before giving up on it.

Eroscillator ? Recently purchased but I haven’t tried this strange toy yet. Epiphora swears by it…

Vulval/Vaginal Vibrators

Lelo Iris !!!+  My first vibe and the subject of my second blog entry which details issues with the ridging and my thin vaginal walls. But despite this I do still love it, although the Mystim twins are getting more of a workout these days.

Mystim Eric !!!+ Nice solid weight, slender, good length. Variety of speeds and patterns, just wish there was a low and slow pattern. Controls click loudly, vibe is fairly loud, and the recharging “shield” has a tendency to rust if not washed immediately!

Mystim Electric Eric !!!? See above but with the tingle of electricity. I worry about accidently hitting the plus button on the electricity control. I did that once and it freaked me out completely. Controls and vibe not as loud, no rust.


Fun Factory Stronic Eins thruster !!!+ I love this for its solidity, clit bump and lovely rumble, but it attracts cat hair like crazy, and dries me out fast internally when thrusting even if I use lots of lube. Therefore wearing a condom is a must! I wish there was a low and slow setting on this toy.


So far not a big fan of rabbits, but I’m open to seeing if my mind can be changed…


Lelo Mona!!+ Lovely feel and curve, but I can only cope with the built in stroking movement for brief periods. The movement against my uretha feels uncomfortable and definitely makes me feel like I need to pee…. I know this is a prerequisite for g-spot orgasm, but on me it really does mean ” gotta pee – now!!!”

Imtoy Zoo Giraffe !!??+ The body of the vibe has a gorgeous silken feel, due to the quality of the silicone. It features a gentle curve; but it is small and the metal end is hard to hold on to when using lube. Doesn’t stop me trying. There are 16 different patterns included and it has the capacity for additional music/voice patterns using smartphone technology (which I’m still trying to figure out…). The packaging is beautiful – it would make a great gift.