If I was able to get together with any of my exes it would of course be Ryan – although since he was the one who left that is extremely unlikely, and we’d probably have little in common nowadays. The ex I am most likely get back together with is Paolo – we still have a soft spot for each other – or more accurately for our memories of each other.

MidnightattheOasis2017 Index (2)

These are the indexes to erotic images and erotic writings I have contributed to from September until December 2017. For non-fiction writing July – December 2017 see Indies Journey Index 1, and for a summary of events in 2017 see Midnightattheoasis2017 (1). Thanks to Molly Moore host of @sinfulsunday @kink0ftheweek and lots more, Kayla Lords host of @masturbationmonday, Marie A Rebelle @rebelsnotes, host of Wicked Wednesday, Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse host of Smutober and to Exhibit A @EA_unadorned for making me welcome to their wonderful memes and challenges.