Number 21?

I ‘came of age’ in the ’70’s (yes, I had to work out the decade) as a married woman; my 21st birthday was marked by dinner at a posh restaurant with my first husband. He (very sensibly) had celebrated his 21st birthday prior to our marriage, marking the occasion with a party, a cake and a “pash” with my cousin, an action that should have warned me about his tendency to stray.

Indie’s Journey 2017 Live Index 1

As a result of that post several people commented on the value of getting to know me a bit better. This surprised me, as I thought I’d been doing just that all along. So here is The Journey so far live links with a hint of the content in brackets, favorites in pink. A separate list of #SoSS posts under Politics, Protests and Reposts list below.
F(r)iction posts coming soon in p. 2…