Bad Hare…

As some of you are aware, since I returned from overseas I’ve begun to work with CM to put together a joint exhibition of his photos and my drawings. It will take a while and […]

His woollen jumper

A thought occurred to her. She raised her own jumper, hooked the band of her bra above her breasts exposing her nipples, then scoured the flesh with his woollen garment. The movement brought his scent with it and she bit her lip, imagining his body covering hers. More sparks; earthier, sluttier, flashed between her nipples and her cunt.

Hot Buttons #9 Exquisite denial

As always we talked about anything and everything. This has been standard for some time now. There is little I hold back from him, and much I attempt to challenge him on. I make no secret of my attraction and he tells me things about his wild past that make me squirm – often but not always with frustration. I cannot tell if we are engaging in extended foreplay or exquisite denial (or both).

Hot Button#8 – Woof!

This is two posts in one – in the first I talk about my masturbation fantasies – which are all I have in the way of actual sex at the moment, in the second my past experiences/ emerging desires. The former relies on a modified version of doggy style, the latter various doggy style approaches and possibilities I’ve experienced or would like to experience, perhaps in conjunction with my new passion, bondage.