HotButton#4 – Car Sex & other catastrophes (averted)

One of the first times I had sex in a car it was moving and I had the added concern of my boyfriend’s parents occupying the front seats as we drove from Melbourne to country Victoria. I have no recollection of where we had been, but I recall the interminable drone of their conversation as the brightly lit streets of the city slid past. I also knew where I was going when Warren stopped kissing me, looked deeply into my eyes, slid his finger under the elastic of my knickers and into my very wet pussy for the first time.

#ArtTwist4 – Roundup

This months prompt “Susanna”, suggested by the fabulous May Moore from @more_matters and SexMatters drew five entries. Given that kinky folk were highly preoccupied with #Eroticon2018, and the #SmutMarathon I think this was a very respectable (!) turnout.